Teach You How To Choose Your Own Replica Watches | Part B

In today's popular mobile phones, replica watches not outdated, but more by charm. For consumers, whether it is to choose cheap timer, or Saatchi collection must meet their own needs. To this end, GQ edited the following precautions.


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  • Around who will secretly guess you are from rural upstart.
  • In addition, water is watch predators.
  • Regardless of gold, more valuable than the stainless steel material.
  • Treasures community watch is the world there are countless watch collectors.
  • These are silver and other materials do not have the characteristics.


11. How To Choose a Gold Hublot Replica Watches

Whether it is to show off in front of friends or colleagues, or reserve for future value-added items, gold watches are good items. How to choose a gold watch? Here are a few good suggestions.

Gold-plated watch: gold price is not expensive table in Fossil, Timex, Nixon and other famous brand stores, you can find $ 100 or less gilded watch. After the gold-plated bracelet home, you need intensive care, prevent scratching, peeling once gilded, it can only show the original colors.

Watch 18K: 18K buy watches, requires a certain economic base. A hublot replica takes at least 20,000 dollars, an excellent Patek Philippe Patek Philippe price will be more than 40,000 US dollars.

Rose gold: If you feel the traditional gold replica watches too cheesy, you can try to find a copper, gold mixed material watch, it revealed a hint of pink gold, the better.

Platinum: Platinum price is too high, need to be careful when purchasing table, carefully determine the authenticity of the gold watch. Platinum great weight, and color of pride, the surface smooth as a mirror.

12. Fashion

The maximum water depth of 200 meters in the fake hublot watches appears on official business, will have what effect? ??This is with you wearing a dress, shoes pedal effect is no different. So, even fashion, it must always be clear: different styles of watches only those corresponding attachment temperament, was only casually with mocking eyes. In fact, a sophisticated, smart gold watch is the best way to reflect the fashion temperament, training accessories.

13. Favorite Tips

If you do not understand the precautions watch collection, it will only make their money after bad.

A senior watch seller believes that the watch more years old, the higher the value. In his view, antique watches unique shape, the number of rare, historic, heritage thick, with a high increase the value of the opportunity. As long as antique watches, regardless of the current value of $ 500, or $ 50,000, are the future of buying treasures.

But credit must go to buy vintage watches with a large distribution, international fake watches and jewelry Association (The International Watch & Jewelry Guild) and the Jewelers of America (Jewelers of America) is one of the most famous two representatives. Moreover, if the dealer can not provide the official watch of the qualification certificate, consumers must "reluctantly must sell."

And a record with the manufacturer of the original production certificate is to watch a lot of value. Brand, although currently the world's leading watch manufacturer over 50, but really at the top of the only two: Patek Philippe Patek Philippe and hublot replica.

In addition, the collectors must also point clear: platinum material is more precious than gold, platinum and more than rose gold, rose gold after gold located.

14. Cherish The Affection of Their Loved Ones

As one of the important men's jewelry, watches are often chosen as gifts, on behalf of the intimate emotional relatives, friends. For the recipient side, after receiving the gift, it should take it seriously, regard it as their own private property, serious custody, attentive care. Lost, damaged and so may cause some damage on party gift - although sometimes the other party may not be too concerned about.

15. Dial Color Should Be Bright

Whether you're a low-key personality, athletic, advocating gray, dark blue and dark lines; or personality warm, cheerful, love red, yellow, green, purple and other bright colors, you should try wearing a rich color of the replica hublot watches dial. This brightly colored watches are equipped with a stainless steel bracelet basically neither fancy nor heavy, and the whole man dressed very match.

16. Regular Maintenance And Upkeep

Watch is a small mechanical device, it also needs time to care and maintenance. A watch professionals on maintenance issues made the following recommendations.

First, watch the main needs of every three to five years for the love of the table a comprehensive maintenance and repair, and add oil. If conditions permit, it is best to love table full unbundling, thorough cleaning. In normal times, once found love table movement is slow, it should be cleaned at any time.

Professional maintenance costs are not expensive, a single luxury fake hublot watches maintenance costs about $ 400, while a $ 500,000 watch maintenance costs about $ 4000-5000, very reasonable. Time, the Swiss manufacturer's maintenance time will last 2-4 months, then ordinary service providers took 1-2 months.

For the period of use in the watch within 25-30 years, most of them can be effectively maintained. If the dial serious rust, etc., the most sensible approach is to retain, rather than replacing, because the value of the watch replacement parts after saving will be greatly reduced.

Even a waterproof watch, the master should also be used when swimming or vigorous exercise protection measures, and overall maintenance once a year, in order to prevent the occurrence of damage within the table of love, and ultimately affect the overall quality.

A gentleman must wear formal vulgar content will not talk with others only talk about concerts, business and economic topics elegant between them. Therefore, anyone should pay attention to his words and deeds, not while wearing elegant replica watches, but while others dwell on celebrity gossip and scandal. This will only reduce their own identity and self-cultivation, drew ridicule of others.


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